Piano & Music Voice Lessons

Jimmy’s School Of Piano and Music

Piano & Music Voice Lessons at Your Home!

Jimmy is a New Jersey piano & voice teacher/instructor. He has a BA in Music Education & Performance and he has been offering private piano & voice lessons in Bergen County, New Jersey for more than 20 years. He has been playing the piano for over 25 years. Jimmy is classically trained and is capable of teaching all musical styles including: Pop, Jazz, Rock, and Classical music. Smith provides piano lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Policies & Fees: 

  • Payment: Due at the beginning of each month in advance of lessons.
  • Fees: Forty Dollars ($40) for a 45 minute lesson once a week.
  • Student Cancellations: A make-up lesson will be made available, provided that a reasonable advance notice is given.
  • Holidays: On most major holidays there is no class. Check with Smith in advance to insure class has been cancelled.
  • Teacher Cancellations: Missed lessons due to illness or vacation will be made up. Your lesson will be re-scheduled.
  • Time Slot: Most students continue lessons throughout the Summer months. Therefore, if you plan to take off the Summer semester, you may lose your Fall time slot.

Please Note: Piano and Music Voice Lessons are also available for Adults!

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